House too hot

Why does it take so long to cool a house when an air conditioner has been off for a while?

Sometimes the air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working so well after we turn it on for the first time in months, the a/c is often working just fine. But it has three types of heat to overcome after startup:

  1. Cooling the air – Every air conditioning system has to do this, but a system that has been off for a while also must contend with the additional loads from the next two items.
  2. Removing the heat contained in the water vapor in the air  – Because the humidity in the air contains additional heat—called “latent heat”—it must be removed as part of the initial dehumidification and will slow down the cooling process.
  3. Walls, furnishings, and ducts contain heat – As the cool air flows through the ducts and out into the rooms, it absorbs heat from the all the surrounding warm surfaces until they also cool down.

If your system does not cool down your house after a few hours or certainly over night, it is time to call us to come out. There are many different reasons why your system might not be keeping up, and we will get to the bottom of it.

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