John Moore Services came to my home 5/11/2022 to diagnose and evaluate problem with A/C system not working. Their technician advised the fan motor was not working and would have to be replaced before they could diagnose the condenser at a cost of $1300 to $1500.
He further said of course you run the risk of the compressor being found bad once the fan was working thus losing the $1300 to $1500 just spent on the fan. He recommended replacing the whole condenser at a cost of $8600 but also recommended replacing the coil in the attic for an additional $3000 to $4000.
I initially agreed but had second thoughts later in day and cancelled. This morning I had Air National come our and they performed their diagnostic tests and found a blown capacitor which they replaced in under an hour for $341.
Alway get a second opinion!
Hats off to Carl and his professional and honest team, especially Michael. From the start they were honest and cared more about getting my A/C back up and running than selling me something I didn’t really need. Bless you boys! Not happy with John Moore needless to say. I guess all those TV commercials cost a lot of money.