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There are a lot of moving parts in your home comfort system. Your furnace, air conditioner, vents, and air quality system are all used daily to keep you comfortable and healthy. However, there is another system that many homeowners often don’t think about – ductwork. Ductwork is an important part of a cooling and heating system and without proper care, it will fall into disrepair and your entire system will work less efficiently.

If you have ductwork that needs to be cleaned or that is showing signs of wear and tear, contact Air National Heating & Air Conditioning today. Our Houston, TX area ductwork technicians work closely with homeowners to ensure everything runs smoothly year after year.

Duct Cleaning

Ducts can be cleaned, but if you have flexible ducts, they can be damaged by cleaning machinery. To assure clean and mold free ducts, we recommend replacing old ducts that are showing signs of mold and dirt inside. How often does this have to be done? There is no way to tell, but replacing your air filters ras needed and regular checkups by an Air National professional protects your investment and adds to the life of your ducts and your entire system.

Specifically, dirty ducts can house things like mold, dust or debris that make allergies and asthma worse. They also put an extra burden on your indoor air quality system to keep you healthy. If you don’t realize that the extra burden is there, your filters will wear out faster and your home’s air will begin circulate excess contaminants.

Your furnace and air conditioner function better when your ducts are cleaned as well. When the ducts are not properly cleaned on a regular basis, it forces your comfort system to work harder to maintain the right temperature. Debris and dust disrupt the flow of air from point A to point B and can reduce the heat or cooling you receive. This not only leads to higher heating and cooling bills, but accelerated deterioration of your furnace and air conditioner, which means you’ll call for service more frequently and need to replace your system sooner than you otherwise would have.

Duct Repairs

You should also watch for common signs of distress in your comfort system. If you notice that your home is suddenly not being heated or cooled evenly, it may be a sign of a problem in your ductwork.

Specifically, a gap or hole might have developed in between two pieces of ductwork which will allow heated or cooled air out of the system. That’s a tremendous waste of money that will either put an extra burden on your comfort system or result in a poorly conditioned room in your home.

If you notice a higher energy bill, you should have someone check your system as well. Higher energy bills usually signify an increase in fuel consumption to keep your home comfortable. That increased fuel consumption will cost you money until everything is inspected and repaired.

Duct Repair Experts

Because ductwork cannot be accessed and inspected without special equipment and diagnostics, you need a professional you can trust to perform your ductwork repairs. That’s where Air National comes in. Our team of highly trained Northwest Houston area duct technicians will work closely with you to not only ensure your ductwork continues to work properly, but that it stays clean throughout the year for optimal comfort.

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