Ways to Reduce Your Heating Costs This WinterHeating Costs

Your home heating system is a significant contributor to your monthly utility bills. It is especially significant if you rely on electric heat. That means when you want to save money, you should turn your attention to your home heating system. Your home heating system can consume up to 62% of your monthly utility bills. Additionally, as the winter becomes chillier, your home heating costs rise. You can save as much as 35% on your utility bills while not compromising your comfort. But the question is, how? This email will take you through what to consider if you want to reduce your heating costs this winter.

Turn Down Your Thermostat Setting: 

We understand that when the temperature outside goes down, we tend to raise the thermostat setting higher. But remember that for every degree you drop in your thermostat, you can save up to 7% on your heating costs. Higher temperature settings make your heating system consume more energy than usual. Thus, you experience a sudden rise in your utility bills. A sweater and warm socks can keep you comfortable without raising the thermostat setting as temperatures drop outside.

Keep the Heat Preserved: 

The simplest thing you can do as a homeowner in Texas is to preserve the heat generated by your heating system. Many homeowners skip checking the seals of their windows and doors. Often, the heated air produced by the heating system leaks through the gaps of those doors and windows, and your furnace needs to work harder to maintain consistent comfort inside your home. Plus, the cold drafts created by the leaky doors and windows make parts of your home uncomfortable and lead us to raise the thermostat temperature. Insulating and sealing the doors and windows by a professional or as a do-it-yourself project, helps your heating system do its job efficiently.

Use Room Heaters: 

Using other sources of heat can keep you warm while reducing the burden off your main heating system. Why heat the whole house when your family is only using one or two rooms? Room heaters are inexpensive home appliances, and they consume much less energy than your furnace. Placing the room heaters at perfect places helps you stay warm and comfortable while keeping your energy bills in control.

Time to Make Soup: 

This is the time of year to make meals that take a long time to cook. Homemade soups, sauces, roasts, chili or anything that needs to cook for long periods adds heat to your home because the stove or oven emits quite a few BTUs while they are being used. Winter is a much better time than summer to try new recipes that require simmering or long roasting times. You are warming your home and you end up with a delicious meal.

Check Your Fireplace: 

If there is no fire burning inside your fireplace, make sure the damper is closed. Keeping your fireplace damper open is like having a window wide open during the winter. It allows the cold outside air to easily enter your home.

While considering many other ways to reduce your heating bills, you need to check your furnace’s age. At Air National Texas, we suggest replacing a furnace which is more than 15 years old because it does not work efficiently and may raise your electric bills.

If you want to have a cost-effective heating system or want to know more about saving on your heating bills, talk to our heating experts at 281-251-3143.