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3 Reasons to Take Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Seriously

The summer months in Texas, are hot, long, uncomfortable, and predominantly cloudy. Besides the heat, humidity is a primary concern in the city, but people do not pay much attention to it when they are inside their homes, thinking the air they are breathing is pure and fresh. Though the temperature may dip during the […]

Building a Tiny House – 5 Things You Need to Prioritize

The popularity of tiny houses, an innovative solution to expensive housing markets, has been growing steadily. If you’re considering your own and anxious about the steps involved, rest assured that it’s possible to create a tiny house from a pre-existing shipping container, minimizing the need to build one from scratch. Things to do when building […]

Furnace Maintenance and Inspection

We sometimes take for granted that our furnaces, air conditioners, and some of our appliances run themselves day after day with little to no effort on part. But real frustration hits us when one of these systems fails. These system failures are never a planned event and come without warning when most inconvenient. When a […]

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