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Springtime is the best time of the year to have your AC system tuned up. Tune ups heep you system running more efficiently, which means lower electricity bills during the hot sumer months. Plus, a system that is tuned up and running efficiently last longer before you need to replace a component or the entire […]

With the beginning of summer heat upon us, it is the time to think about the things you can do around the house to help keep your air conditioning system at its peak. When you make your home and your AC unit work together, you can save more money on your utility bill and make […]

The summer months in Texas, are hot, long, uncomfortable, and predominantly cloudy. Besides the heat, humidity is a primary concern in the city, but people do not pay much attention to it when they are inside their homes, thinking the air they are breathing is pure and fresh. Though the temperature may dip during the […]

The popularity of tiny houses, an innovative solution to expensive housing markets, has been growing steadily. If you’re considering your own and anxious about the steps involved, rest assured that it’s possible to create a tiny house from a pre-existing shipping container, minimizing the need to build one from scratch. Things to do when building […]

We sometimes take for granted that our furnaces, air conditioners, and some of our appliances run themselves day after day with little to no effort on part. But real frustration hits us when one of these systems fails. These system failures are never a planned event and come without warning when most inconvenient. When a […]

Our homes are our castles, where we deserve to feel warm (or cool) and comfortable all year round. But for most of us, comfort is not our only concern, especially when heating and cooling can often be one of our largest monthly home expenses. And while an efficient system is the first step, finding the […]

Winter Energy Cost Saving As winter approaches and the outside temperature decreases, inevitably home energy costs will tend to increase. This rise in energy cost doesn’t have to hit the wallet full-force, as there are numerous steps one can take to save on energy costs during the winter months. Some of these energy saving steps […]

Air Condtioning: A Brief History The first notable attempts humans have made (on a large scale) to cool structures and homes were back in ancient Rome. Cool water from Rome’s famous aqueduct system was routed to circulate in through the walls of upper-class citizen’s homes. Other attempts were made to cool the masses throughout early history, […]

We may be heading into the autumn, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to make some changes to your home before the winter arrives. Below, we’ve rounded up five family-friendly home improvement projects that you should consider before the year’s out. 1. Convert an office into a playroom A home office can be one […]

As a family owned and operated business, Air National Texas, located in Spring, Texas, we are committed to providing the best customer service and outstanding home air services. When it comes to Magnolia air conditioning service and installation we are the best around. Our technicians are all EPA certified, professionally trained, drug tested and background […]

In Texas some things are simply vital. One of those things is a functioning HVAC system. Our sweltering summers and icy winters demand it. Would you know what to do if something went wrong with your HVAC system in the dead of winter or the height of summer? Do you know what HVAC services are […]

Air National Texas brings Kingwood HVAC services that will not only will fix current problems with your heating or air conditioning unit, but we can also provide you with choices for long term solutions as well. Our expert technicians provide the best choices for Kingwood HVAC services, and can help you decide on what is […]

If your HVAC systems are malfunctioning, it can take a serious toll on your comfort and productivity, and in the extremes of summer or winter, can be cause for health problems. If you are experiencing problems with your HVAC systems, such as: Malfunctioning thermostat Unclean ventilation systems Clogged air filters Low air flow Frozen AC […]

Our Humble HVAC services help you prevent and prepare When your HVAC system in Humble, TX has a problem, it’s time for damage control. In the wake of disaster, you may worry about accumulating repair costs and wonder what you could have done to prevent it from happening in the first place. Air National Texas […]

Air National Texas with the Best Hockley HVAC Services Available At Air National we provide the best Hockley HVAC services when you need us the most. We are here to help solve any emergency problems that can pop up any day, any time, with our 24/7 emergency services. We provide full Hockley HVAC services and […]

In those hot summer months when the Air Conditioning is on all day, a common problem is that your AC coils can freeze. This is another issue that can occur when you don’t regularly replace your air filters. Condensation is normally reduced by consistent airflow, but when this airflow is restricted, the condensation builds up […]

Indoor Air Quality Services in Gleannloch Farms Poor air filtration can create another issue when it comes to heating your home, which is that dirt and grime can collect on your heating coils. This happens because there is not enough airflow to prevent the buildup. Not only does this result in unclean air and an […]

As you can see, most of the problems you experience with your heating and cooling system are usually relatively minor ones. Our rates are extremely competitive and we are committed to give you the best service in Texas! There is no commitment required when you contact us. We give you free installation, repair and service […]

Our fast service includes a great recycling program. Being environmentally conscious is important to us so, at each job, we separate the metals and even have the refrigerant processed so that is can be used in the future. Air National Texas works with all major brands of heating and air manufactures. If you own a […]

Air National Texas is family owned and operated, employing several staff members with over 20 years of experience each in the industry. With this combined knowledge, we can work on all major brands including Rheem, York, Carrier, Trane, Lennox, Gibson, Tempstat and more. If you are unsure if we can work on your HVAC system […]

Heating Services Not only do we repair or replace heating systems, our air conditioning services in College Station-Bryan also include installation and inspection of heating systems. We do installations on new homes and can take over maintenance for your current system. We can install several different types of heating systems depending on your needs and preferences […]

An HVAC, or Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is made up of different components that often work together to make your home or business more comfortable and healthier to be in. A company that services HVAC systems in Champion Forest will need to be able to identify any problems, fix the problem, and the […]

With the beginning of summer heat upon us, it is the time to think about the things you can do around the house to help keep your Air Conditioning System operating at peak efficiency. When you make your home and your AC unit work together, you can save more money on your utility bill and […]

Air National Texas is family owned and operated with a commitment to outstanding customer service and top-notch home air services. For your local Spring air conditioning service we are proud to provide the best service around. All of our technicians are certified in EPA, trained professionally, drug tested and have had background checks, to guarantee you with […]

In Texas we can get a just a little bit crafty. And hey why not, figure out a cost effective way to air condition and humidify your own room? Being innovative can allow you to improve many aspects to your life, including the quality of your home’s temperature. Here is a simple trick to creating […]

It’s hard to calculate how much money is pouring through your roof when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Some experts have estimated those costs to be as high as 45 percent! If you don’t have insulation in your attic, it’s easy to lose about half of your heat or cooling, basically doubling […]

An Air Conditioning System is your home or business’s backbone to your own and personal indoor air quality, so it is undoubtedly crucial that you maintain your Air Conditioning System’s cleanliness to ensure that you are being provided with a proper functioning unit. Your air conditioner needs to have consistent, scheduled, and routine personal provided […]

We all know that Houston can be pretty steamy place, especially during the summer. This summer is sure to be no different. When the heat index goes over 100, it brings much pain and suffering for your poor outdoor air conditioner unit. The heat will cause your air conditioner to over work itself to great […]

Being subjected to the harsh temperatures and humidity of Southwest, Tx can be highly stressful. Texas is naturally a scorching hot atmosphere; but being a Texan, you know that living in Texas can be unpredictable. The weather changes from day to day; kind of just going with the wind. One day you may be enjoying the […]

Finding an HVAC professional that you can trust your home to can be a tedious task. Just jumping into hiring any HVAC professional, to come in and maintain your home’s Air Conditioning System is something can open up a problems that you never even thought of. Just because someone has earned their HVAC license does […]

Do you ever wake up in the morning to a particularly eerie feeling lurking through your home? The floors creak, you air enwraped in a crisp breezes; as wafts in your ears, and the windows drip with icy droplets. What if I told you that we could out an end to that dreary morning routine? […]

Getting your home to stay at a regular temperature; that you can enjoy, can be a challenge. After a while, you can only take so much of being uncomfortable in your own home. There is a solution. And we’re here to help. Try the art of installing ductwork. Ductwork can be the relief that you […]

Heating your home can be extremely expensive, especially if you live in an area that is known for cold winters. While the majority of people use traditional heating methods such as gas or oil, there are other alternatives that can prove to be far more cost-effective while helping the environment. Many of today’s best heating […]

There are several school districts in Northern areas now switching to new systems of heating their schools to keeping the students warm and save funds at the same time. One School district in Maine is installing biomass boilers to which will be used to heat three of their district schools. They will be using only locally […]

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