Survive the Texas Heat

Being subjected to the harsh temperatures and humidity of Southwest, Tx can be highly stressful. Texas is naturally a scorching hot atmosphere; but being a Texan, you know that living in Texas can be unpredictable. The weather changes from day to day; kind of just going with the wind. One day you may be enjoying the […]

Guide to a Completely Cool Home

We all know that Houston can be pretty steamy place, especially during the summer. This summer is sure to be no different. When the heat index goes over 100, it brings much pain and suffering for your poor outdoor air conditioner unit. The heat will cause your air conditioner to over work itself to great […]

Air Conditioning Performance

An Air Conditioning System is your home or business’s backbone to your own and personal indoor air quality, so it is undoubtedly crucial that you maintain your Air Conditioning System’s cleanliness to ensure that you are being provided with a proper functioning unit. Your air conditioner needs to have consistent, scheduled, and routine personal provided […]

New Twist on Heating

There are several school districts in Northern areas now switching to new systems of heating their schools to keeping the students warm and save funds at the same time. One School district in Maine is installing biomass boilers to which will be used to heat three of their district schools. They will be using only […]

Low-Cost Ways to Heat Your Home

Heating your home can be extremely expensive, especially if you live in an area that is known for cold winters. While the majority of people use traditional heating methods such as gas or oil, there are other alternatives that can prove to be far more cost-effective while helping the environment. Many of today’s best heating […]