Drying Out Your Home

If you are trying to remove moisture from your home that has been soaked from a flood or a plumbing leak, here are a few ways to get that moisture out before mold sets in. Dehumidifiers are the best way to remove the soaked-in moisture in your home. Coupled with fans to circulate the air, […]

Cold temperature

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Saving Energy Costs in The Winter Now that we’re in the heart of winter, do you feel your energy bills are still too high or your heating system is not warming the house properly? Many homeowners throughout the greater Houston area feel the same way but are unsure of how to lower their energy usage. […]

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

What about Exhaust Fans?

Everyone is concerned about their electric bills in this hot and humid weather. Here is another way to help your AC system “keep your cool.” There is no doubt that the bathroom exhaust fans in your home have an important job to do, but they can also suck cool dry air from your home and cause […]

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Home Renovations

Prepare for Your Home Renovations With This Checklist Renovations are a great way to make a house a home. However, they can spring surprises on homeowners. To prepare for your remodel, follow this checklist from Air National Texas. Create a Budget Renovation costs can pile up quickly, but a budget ensures you don’t overspend. A […]

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Why does it take so long to cool down my house?

Why does it take so long to cool a house when an air conditioner has been off for a while? Sometimes the air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working so well after we turn it on for the first time in months, the a/c is often working just fine. But it has three types of […]


Controlling Heating Costs in Winter

Ways to Reduce Your Heating Costs This WinterHeating Costs Your home heating system is a significant contributor to your monthly utility bills. It is especially significant if you rely on electric heat. That means when you want to save money, you should turn your attention to your home heating system. Your home heating system can […]

Eaporator Coil

The Enemy of Air Conditioning

Your AC Has An Enemy–Do You Know What It Is? Air conditioners are an essential part of your summer comfort. It is impossible to imagine summers without air conditioners, especially when you live in a such a hot, humid area. Thus, an AC that doesn’t work properly can cause a lot of trouble, which is […]

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality When the pollen count is high in Texas it’s best to keep the allergens out of your home. The health of your loved ones who suffer from respiratory problems of all kinds will improve when your indoor air quality improves. This article offers ways to improve the indoor air […]