We all know that Houston can be pretty steamy place, especially during the summer. This summer is sure to be no different. When the heat index goes over 100, it brings much pain and suffering for your poor outdoor air conditioner unit. The heat will cause your air conditioner to over work itself to great extent. And what that means for you is a definitively hotter than wanted house; this will result with inclining electric bills. Having to shovel more money out of your pockets is nothing you want to be burdened with as well as the Houston heat you’re forced to endure on a regular basis. I have a few tips for you that will help you stay cooler this summer season. By using these leads of advice you can be sure to benefit your air conditioner, which will allow you to have a cooler home and regularly low electric bills, giving you the power to beat the heat.

Tip 1: Invest in multiple fans. Making a trip to your closest department store is going to be a lifesaver. You should pick up a few fans and place them throughout your home. They don’t necessarily need to be on at all times. A steady air flow help keep you cooler when you are in the room with the fan, but the fans also push more are across doors and windows which can actually slightly raise the temperature of the room. Certainly use fans for comfort

Tip 2: Windows are one of the biggest ways that hat enters you home. If you have single pane windows, you can feel the heat coming through them. It can be quite an investment to replace all single-pane windows, but even if you replace strategic ones you will see benefits in cooler and quieter areas of your house.

Tip 3: I know keeping the doors closed to the rooms in your home may be a habit, but it’s a habit worth breaking. Keeping the doors in your home open will allow great air flow and allow you HVAC System to operate the way it was intended.

Tip 4: Lighter sheets on your beds and such will keep heat from being absorbed, building up, and getting trapped in the house.

Tip 5: Do continuous checks throughout the day to keep off the lights and unplug all unused electric appliances. This will reduce the amount of energy your home is consuming.

Tip 6: You should do your best to refrain from cooking on a stove or oven. Waiting to use these appliances during the cooler hours will help your home reduce its heat consumption Or better yet, use your outdoor grill as much as possible.

Tip 7: Keep your blinds closed to trap the sun’s rays from caressing the indoors of your home. If your windows are not tinted, you can deflect much of the suns hot rays from entering your house with added tinting on you existing windows.

Utilizing these tips can and will help you with your day to day struggles over heat exhaustion. If your air conditioner is not functioning properly you should give Air National a call (281) 251-3143; we will be sure to get your air conditioner up and running to your expectations. You should never have to suffer from the summer heat in your own home. Let Air National Houston make your home your own personal heat escape.