An Air Conditioning System is your home or business’s backbone to your own and personal indoor air quality, so it is undoubtedly crucial that you maintain your Air Conditioning System’s cleanliness to ensure that you are being provided with a proper functioning unit. Your air conditioner needs to have consistent, scheduled, and routine personal provided cleaning and maintenance that is provided by an HVAC professional technician. During a typical visit a professional HVAC technician, like the team at Air National, will do a standard check-up and tune up to rid your air conditioner of all built up debris and ensure that the unit is functioning at its maximum potential, with no haphazard arising. When your system is full of the everyday hazards it is harmed by, such as; pollution, dust, debris, leaves, rocks, and etc. the system is left hindered from being able to achieve working at its optimum potential. But if you are responsible and put your best foot forward to devote yourself to the upkeep of your Air Conditioning System, your home will reward you with advanced performance.

There are a few key factors to consider when checking the overall performance of your Air Conditioning System.

Your air conditioner comes equipped with drain lines. These are used to help your system excrete all of the unnecessary filth that tends to get lodged into the lines over time. The drain lines can become clogged with all kinds of pollutants. Dust, dirt, mites, insects, debris, and even rocks can fill the line(s) and cause them to backup. If your air conditioning drain lines are clogged you may be noticing that your home feels much more humid than usual. This is because, since the drain lines are jammed, it is causing your Air Conditioning System to stress and over work; which will greatly reduce your indoor air quality.

Your air conditioner could be malfunctioning and you may not even be aware of it. You should always check that your system turns on and off properly. Listen for any odd sounds, improper noises could be a sign that your air conditioner is on its way to disaster. This could be a sign that your air conditioner is clogged; there is a leak, or a pan overflow.

When your air conditioner becomes too clogged and it has gone untreated for too long, you may and can start to experience water leakage and air conditioning pan overflow. This will show up by creating water stains on your ceiling.

If you start to experience any symptoms of a clogged drain, A/C water leak, or A/C pan overflow you need to be sure to contact a professional at Air National Texas as soon as possible. Air conditioning repairs should not be taken lightly and should always be handled by a professional. Tune-ups from an Air National Texas professional need to be conducted every six months to a year to ensure reliable functioning for your indoor air quality.