Being subjected to the harsh temperatures and humidity of Southwest, Tx can be highly stressful. Texas is naturally a scorching hot atmosphere; but being a Texan, you know that living in Texas can be unpredictable. The weather changes from day to day; kind of just going with the wind. One day you may be enjoying the brief cool breezes of the world and the next you are begging for a nice ice cold water bottle to help you cool down. If you run into the unfortunate event of your air conditioning failing on you, you are in for a real miserable time. I have a few tips for you to help yourself survive the heat of Texas.

If you are in a situation where you are in dire need to fight heat exhaustion, due to lack of air conditioning; or for any situation at all, you should make it vitally to stay hydrated. When you experience air conditioning failure you should be sure to stock up on gallons of water. Water is going to be your best friend; in your time of need.
You may be very tempted to want to hop into your shower and take a cold shower to get the heat off. This is not advised. You see, that cold shower may have been relieving for the time being, but you have just done yourself a disservice my friend. Once you step out your body is now forced to start warming you up internally. So you step out to a blazing home and an internal body temperature rising. You should, take a light warm shower, so that when you step out into your over heated home, your body will be forced to lower your internal temperature. This will contribute to cooling yourself off.

Keep as many fans going as possible. The more air circulation the better. You want to have an open atmosphere. You should raise the windows to let fresh air in and out. Keep all doors open. All of these things will contribute to cooling your home and continuing positive air circulation.

You can always keep cool clothes on yourself. It may be odd, but keeping your clothing refrigerated before you wear it is a way to lower the heat. Keep a glass of ice on you so that you can suck on ice cubes to keep yourself cooled and hydrated.

If your air conditioning situation is going on for a prolonged period of time, you should seek help from loved ones to try and sleep comfortably for even just a night.

Living with no air conditioning can be dangerous. It is not something that should be taken lightly. Heat exhaustion can lead to devastating outcomes. So seeking professional HVAC help is vital. The professionals of Air National Texas are available on evenings, weekends, and holidays, and in most instances, they can get your system running or even replaced on the same day you call us.

All of these are ways that you can keep yourself comfortable in a situation that can be overly overwhelming. Getting immediate assistance for your air conditioner is strongly advised; the longer you wait to call, the longer it will take to be fixed.