Do you ever wake up in the morning to a particularly eerie feeling lurking through your home? The floors creak, you air enwraped in a crisp breezes; as wafts in your ears, and the windows drip with icy droplets. What if I told you that we could out an end to that dreary morning routine? You could awaken to clear and bright windows and your air conditioner keeping your home at a perfect temperature.

One thing to do is seal up the cracks in your home. You can find little opening to the outside world through your doors and windows. You can close them You could use strips, storm seals, etc. just take a trip to your local hardware store. Taking care of this will keep your home at a regulated temperature and help keep out the chill of winter and the humidity of summer. This will also help with your heating and cooling costs.

You can take care of the windows by simply using a chamois to wipe them The condensation that builds up on the windows can cause many problems. Such as mold, once you have mold you are in for a whole field of issues. Just as each raindrop forms around a speck of dust, a dirty window surface will condense more readily than a clean one. Take care of the issue early. Give your windows a good wiping.

By tackling your drafts and cleaning up your windows you can wake easy knowing your home won’t be creeping up on you.