In those hot summer months when the Air Conditioning is on all day, a common problem is that your AC coils can freeze. This is another issue that can occur when you don’t regularly replace your air filters. Condensation is normally reduced by consistent airflow, but when this airflow is restricted, the condensation builds up and creates a layer of ice on your coils. Ultimately, this makes your AC system less effective, and can be damaging if left unsolved for too long. If you are noticing that your AC system is under-performing due to condensation build-up, Harris County HVAC services can help you fix the problem.

With any ventilation system, regular maintenance is required to prevent dirt from building up. A dirty vent is a great place for dust mites and bacteria to live. Eventually, this results in the output of contaminated air which can be hazardous to your health. Cleaning them out yourself is always a good idea, but sometimes you need a professional. Air National Texas HVAC services can give you the professional help in Harris County that you need.