This rating is because of Raed who made things right for us. We have replaced the inside coil and had new ducts installed along with insulation over the past couple of years which amounted to roughly $5,500. The house still did not cool as expected and one upstairs room did not have air coming through the vent at all. I had been told by a different technician that we needed to install another return vent. I called again when the AC could not keep the temperature at 70 during the few 70+ days this February. When Raed was sent out, he immediately told me that the duct was too tight. He also stated that it would be best to have a box coil since air was going into the attic. Then he said we needed to get a new outside unit that matches the inside unit. I was very frustrated at this point. He handled it beautifully. We did end up purchasing the new outside unit, but he replaced the inside coil with a box coil, thermostat, and rehung the duct work. We were only charged for the new outside unit. For the first time in 3 years the air is cool and consistent both upstairs and downstairs. Raed was knowledgeable, honest, kind, and he made it right.