In Texas we can get a just a little bit crafty. And hey why not, figure out a cost effective way to heat and humidify your own room? Being innovative can allow you to improve many aspects to your life, including the quality of your home’s temperature. Summertime we are constantly trying to remove humidity, but in the Winter months, the air in our homes can get pretty dry. Here is a simple trick to creating your own humidifier.
You will need:

  • Table Fan
  • String
  • Water Bottle
  • Sheet/unneeded t-shirt for a cover.

Quick How-to:
You will start by holding up your choose of a cloth that you will use as a cover for the fan. On the top RIGHT side of your chosen cloth you will need to tie a string around it nice and tight.
Next, you will need to wrap the string around the safety shield of your fan. From this you will use your chosen cloth to cover the entire front shield of your fan, leaving just a bit of spare space to hang freely. You will then need to fasten the cloth neatly to your fan.

Lastly, after you have your cloth securely fastened to the fan you must use the excess cloth that should be hanging from the bottom of the fan to set into a cup of water. You need to be careful to change the cup of water daily. If you neglect to the water will become stagnant and start to produce bacteria that will start to be filtered into your air. But If you change the water daily you will avoid this and nicely moisten the air in your home.
You have now created your very own humidifier. The water is useful for extra moisture in your home’s air.