Heating Services

Not only do we repair or replace heating systems, our air conditioning services in College Station-Bryan also include installation and inspection of heating systems. We do installations on new homes and can take over maintenance for your current system. We can install several different types of heating systems depending on your needs and preferences to include natural gas systems, electric systems and heat pumps.

Ventilation/Indoor Air Quality

Ventilation is a major part of the air conditioning system. A big part of proper ventilation service includes air cleaning systems, filtration, duct repair, and maintenance. Our air conditioning services in College Station-Bryan for ventilation will tend to all of these concerns, and can also extend to air purifying systems, humidifiers, UV germicidal light systems, and more. If you are having any problems with your ventilation or air quality in your home or business, or just want it to be better, we have you covered with the best products and services for the health of your family and the air quality in your home.


Insulation is a very important component of your air conditioning systems. Improper or defective insulation can contribute to hot and cold areas in your space. Even if your air conditioning system is in perfect working order, if your insulation is faulty or inadequate our home won’t stay at the temperature you want it to be at and won’t be energy efficient. We inspect your structure’s insulation to make sure it is up to the job, which can include the amount of insulation and the actual placement and distribution of the insulation, and the air conditioning pipe and duct insulation condition. Proper insulation will increase energy efficiency and save you money. In College Station-Bryan, our air conditioning services also extend to insulation inspections, repairs, installations, and we offer a maintenance program.