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Steam Humidifiers

Indoor Steam Humidifiers

Wintertime brings inadequate indoor humidity, and it can be a real concern for many people in the Southwest Texas, TX area. It can affect your comfort level, as well as the overall air quality inside your home and even the efficiency of your home heating system. When you’ve gone to the trouble of putting state of the art home comfort systems in place, adding a steam humidifier from Air National Heating & Air Conditioning is the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of all of your other systems as well.

Low Humidity

There are many reasons that you should be concerned about maintaining proper humidity levels in your home. For one thing, air that’s too dry can really impact your comfort level. It will dry out your skin and nasal passages and can even lead to cracked lips and burning eyes. In fact, indoor air that’s too dry can also exacerbate cold and allergy symptoms for anyone in your household.

And dry air isn’t just bad for the people in your house. It can also dry out and damage any wood furniture or fixtures, and in extreme cases can even impact the structural integrity of your home. Dry air saps the moisture right out of the wood, causing it to warp and crack and eventually deteriorate to the point where it’s no longer useful. And the return of moisture in the warmer months won’t undo the damage – it will simply make the problem worse.

If you have an indoor air filtration system in place, dry air can actually make it harder for this system to remove the particle contaminants from the air. Dry air holds less moisture and the particles suspended in the air will be less likely to stick to filters or they may settle out of the air before they even get to the filters. This means that they will be either coating the surfaces in your home or waiting for the next gust of air to sweep them back up into circulation again.

Lower Heating Bills with Proper Humidity

Another reason that having properly humidified air is a benefit to you and your family is that air with a bit more moisture in it will actually hold the heat better in the winter. In fact, when the air in your home has been adjusted to the right humidity level, you’ll actually be able to turn down the thermostat a few degrees and still maintain the same level of comfort. That will save you a substantial amount on your energy bills over time and will certainly more than pay for the cost of installing a top of the line steam humidifier.

Go with the Pros

When it comes time to have a steam humidification system installed, you want to know that you have the right system selected and that the job will be done right. We have extensive experience working with steam humidifiers and can help you determine which product will best suit your needs.

Our home humidification experts can incorporate a steam humidifier into just about any type of home heating and cooling system you have in place, and we can also include a steam humidifier as part of a complete home comfort system installation.

Part of our commitment to our customers in the metropolitan Houston area is making sure that your steam humidifier continues to work well for the life of the product. That’s why we also offer full maintenance and repair services designed to help keep your equipment running at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

If you ever think that your steam humidifier isn’t working like it should, just give us a call and we’ll have someone right out to find out what the problem is and correct it quickly. Call today and learn more about what Air National can do to help you with all of your humidification needs.

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